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Gulf of Mexico Virtual Outcrops Project (2020- )

Concept & Rationale

  • Create a series of virtual outcrop models for classic outcrops of the Circum-GoM region, using UAV/drone imagery integrated with satellite imagery and other geospatial data (surficial geologic maps, x-sections, etc.).

  • Based on the abovementioned virtual outcrop models, create a set of “Virtual Geological Field Excursions” using Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality technology.

  • Outcrops provide critical data for understanding geologic features in the scale range gap between seismic reflection profiles and wells.  Features observable in outcrops are generally 1) too small to be observed on seismic datasets and 2) too big to be observed on well datasets.

  • Recent, major advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/drone) technology and digital imaging and have made quantitative analysis of outcrops much faster, efficient, and more comprehensive.

  • Business value of project:  at present, international oil companies focusing on Mexico E&P opportunities are generally unwilling to send their geoscientists into the field because of security concerns.  As such, virtual models for outcrops relevant to understanding the subsurface geology of key Mexican E&P areas could have substantial value to those companies.

Projects & Publications

Selected Publications

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